Max Domi shoots himself in the foot after Tortorella trusted him in overtime!

From worse to worst!


We would love to share some happy news about Max Domi and his new start with the Columbus Blue Jackets. And we thought we’d be able to when he recorded his first point with an assist on the Jackets’ first goal of last night’s game against the Detroit Red Wings. 

Like us, head coach John Tortorella felt encouraged, he would have cut Domi’s icetime ever since their season opener. Domi quickly found himself in Tortorella’s doghouse in the first contest as he did not get his name on the point sheet, recording just one shot on goal throughout the entire and ended with a -1 differential on top of it. Then, he found himself in the penalty box after making a dumb decision, which got him to spend most of his time on the bench. While he started the game on the second line, Domi ended the contest with a 12:57 ice time, making him the third least used player of the Blue Jackets’ roster. Only Eric Robinson and Liam Foudy, two players on the team’s fourth line, were used less often. Domi sat on the bench for the final 5:18 in the first game. On Monday afternoon, as the team faced the Detroit Red Wings, things got even worse for Domi who simply cannot manage to impress his demanding head coach and new teammates. He ended with no shots recorded and a -1 differential, as Torts attempted to help him by giving him more ice time, 14 minutes and 34 seconds that is. 

Finally last night, Domi was ready to prove he could do better and Torts ended up trusting him when the game was pushed in overtime. As French reporter Mathias Brunet points out (everyone in Montreal is keeping an eye on Domi, while Josh Anderson has been amazing), Domi was on the ice at the very start of overtime, lost the puck and the Red Wings rushed the other way to score and win the game 3-2. As you can see on the footage, Domi has troubled just catching up with the rest of the players. 

From worse to worst it seems for Domi, who better find a way to get back on the good side (if there is one) of coach Torts.