McDavid blown out by beer leaguers in championship game!
Kostas Lymperpoulos/CSM/Zuma  

McDavid blown out by beer leaguers in championship game!

Connor McDavid participated in a beer league championship game and it did not go his way.

Jonathan Larivee

If you learned that Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid would be showing to play for your team in your beer league's championship game you'd probably feel pretty good about your chances of winning right? Well unfortunately for the "blue team" that welcomed McDavid onto their team this week, the Edmonton Oilers superstar was not enough to push them over the edge and get them the win.

In a video published to social media, McDavid can be seen on the ice playing in a real beer league championship game, but unfortunately his team eventually gets beat pretty handedly by a score of 9-4. You might be asking yourself how that could be possible with McDavid on the team, but by all accounts the Oilers captain was taking things very easy while out on the ice.

Add to that the fact that McDavid wasn't the only NHL player on the ice, with Los Angeles Kings defenseman Quinton Byfield playing for the opposing team, known as "red team," and it starts to make a little bit more sense.

According to one fan in attendance, McDavid still managed to make his opposition look silly even when on cruise control.

"Connor was playing at 00.3% effort and STILL made everyone else look like they had polio," wrote user thedannygexperience.

You can check out the highlights from the game in the short clip shared below.