McDavid gives his take about the Olympics.

What he had to say is pretty clear.

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As you probably know, Gary Bettman and the NHL decided they wouldn't send any of its players to the 2018 Olympics. Needless to say, the news has everyone talking in the league since it was announced. 

Of course, the biggest stars are the most sought after for these sound bites. We know Alexander Ovechkin plans on playing the Olympics no matter what and Sidney Crosby will probably stay home. Today, Connor McDavid was heard on the issue too. 

Although the language is pretty toned down, it's still a huge statement in the world of the modern NHL. In our age, players tend to be very politically correct and McDavid stating it's ''a little bit upsetting'' tells he's truly pissed. 

Anyhow, we'll keep on following the developments and players reactions for sure.