McDavid: “One of the classless thing i've ever seen on the ice”

Connor McDavid reflects on his first game against Manning since his injury.

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It was McDavid's first game against Brandon Manning since he broke his collarbone against the board following a weird collision with Manning. The now-captain of the Edmonton Oilers defended the Flyers defenseman everytime he could in the media last year, saying he didn't think Manning would have done it on purpose. Following last night's game, Connor had a different view on the matter:

"You know what, i did all i could defending him last year in the media. Everyone wanted to make a big deal saying he did it on purpose and you know he wanted to say some comments today about what went on last year and i thought it was one of the classless thing i've ever seen on the ice. So he said some things and our guys responded accordingly. I guess we can put the whole "if he did it on purpose" thing to rest cause what he said out there kind of confirmed that. Shows what type of guy he is when he doesn't step up and fight some of our guys" said McDavid after the game.

Here's the interview, starting at 8 minutes.