McDavid refused surgery as knee injury was way more severe than we knew!

A documentary reveals it all…

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A new documentary has revealed previously unknown details about the knee injury Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid suffered at the end of the last season. 

And things could have taken an ugly turn if McDavid had made a different choice. 

It was initially reported that McDavid suffered a small PCL tear when he crashed into the post during the final game of the 2018-19 regular season against the Calgary Flames. 

However, the trailer for “Whatever It Takes,” an upcoming documentary on McDavid’s recovery process, reveals that the situation was way more severe than fans were made aware of. 

After suffering what is now known to be significant tear in his PCL, a torn lining on the back of his knee joint and a crack in the front of his tibia, McDavid was told by doctors he needed surgery immediately, which would come with a 10-month recovery timeline. 

However, McDavid opted against the procedure and was able to suit up for opening night in October thanks to a rigorous rehabilitation program.

It sure seems like it was the right decision: McDavid leads the league with 76 points in 49 games this season. 

“Whatever It Takes” airs Friday on Sportsnet following the All-Star Skills Competition.