McDavid’s blunt answer to why Oilers crashed and burned in postseason

The captain has had enough…

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There was finally hope in Edmonton when the Oilers made it to the 24-team playoff tournament, facing the Chicago Blackhawks in the qualifying round for a place in the postseason. 

And then, the Oilers crashed and burned…

Fans might have wanted some explanation to why the Oilers failed to eliminate the Hawks, who moved on in four games and are now facing the Vegas Golden Knights in the first round. 

When captain Connor McDavid met with media members on Friday to difficult the bad and the ugly - let’s admit it, there is very little good - he didn’t have a good answer to explain what happened, but was very blunt about what might be missing, what needs to change. 

“No real good answer, explanation or excuse, not sure why it wasn’t there.”

When asked about his team’s defense, McDavid admitted that a contender needs to be able to defend, which is something the Oilers have yet to show consistently in the past seasons and when it matters most. 

“Teams that win are the teams that defend. We haven’t figured that out yet.” — Connor McDavid. 

The captain was clear: he too needs to improve on his defensive skills, just as general manager Ken Holland mentioned earlier this week. 

However, McDavid was clear about one thing: the Oilers dropped the ball. 

You got that right, captain!