McDavid snaps and looks to commit suspendable play!

Will the NHL suspend him?!


We rarely notice Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid for these kinds of plays… but on Tuesday night, he wasn’t fast enough to skate away from the referees. 

Towards the end of the first period, as the Montreal Canadiens led 3-0, McDavid caught forward Jesperi Kotkaniemi right in the face with what appears to be an elbow to the head. 

He was sent to the penalty box with a minor for roughing, and it was easy to see that his move came out of frustration. Fans and pundits were outraged with his questionable move, especially when you see it in real time! 

Check this out: 

Many fans assume that McDavid was not ejected because of the NHL star that he is. The officials didn't McSee it ;) 

When you review the play in slower motion, you can see that while McDavid flings his arms in frustration at Kotkaniemi’s face, his hand is the one that makes contact with his head. Still questionable all the way around. 

Maybe that’s why the officials sent him out for roughing and did not eject him for the play. Or maybe it is because of the name at the back of his jersey and the NHL will look into it.