McDavid spotted wearing giant leg brace

Uh… so, what were the results of that MRI?

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It’s been just six days since Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid was carted off the ice with an apparent broken leg in his team’s final regular season game.

You may recall that McDavid went down HARD when driving the net and was seen mouthing “it’s broke” to his team’s training staff.

After leaving Calgary’s ScotiaBank Saddledome in a wheelchair, Oilers fans were fearful that McDavid had suffered a very serious injury. An MRI the following day though apparently revealed that the superstar had only suffered superficial injuries and would be back to normal in a couple weeks.

But now, an Oilers fan has shared a photo of McDavid wearing an enormous leg brace.

Check it out:

Uh… that looks pretty serious. That doesn’t look like a minor injury…