McDavid takes a shot at NHL’s top restricted free agents!

McDavid has a 100 million problems but money ain't one!

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It is easy to say that you wouldn’t hold out on a contract, when you get paid tons of money like Connor McDavid gets to cash in each season. 

Why do we say this? Because it seems like the Edmonton Oilers captain recently took a shot at a number of the league’s younger players.

This summer has introduced a rather unique situation in the NHL where an abnormally large number of players are currently restricted free agents. Not only are these players restricted free agents but many of them are legitimate star level players that are on trajectories to become some of the most impactful young stars in the league. This includes players like Toronto Maple Leafs’ forward Mitch Marner, Tampa Bay Lightning forward Brayden Point, and Colorado Avalanche forward Mikko Rantanen.

It is totally understandable why players of this nature would seek to maximize their earnings on their upcoming deals, but it seems that not everyone approves of the decision for these players to hold out for a better contract. And one of them is the NHL’s biggest star, McDavid, who appears to take issue with their tactics.

According to a report from Sportsnet’s insider Luke Fox, McDavid has come out and publicly stated that he would never even so much as consider a contract holdout. No instead McDavid believes that the value of attending training camp with your team and being in game shape for the start of the regular season outweighs the negatives that would come from crossing the table and making a deal.

From Fox:

Connor McDavid says he never considered a bridge deal or pushing his signing this late when he was RFA. He’d hate to risk missing a training camp.

Do you agree with the Oilers captain? Or do you side with the RFAs here in their decision to holdout for a better deal?