McDavid working on a new weapon in training camp.

McDavid looking to improve one of his skills.

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The Edmonton Oilers boast arguably the best hockey player on the planet in the form of star forward Connor McDavid, but despite the fact that he already benefits from an incredible skill set and has an arsenal of tools at his disposal, McDavid is always trying to improve and evolve his game to the next level.

On Sunday the Oilers captain was participated working on what could potentially become a new weapon for his team, a one timer slap shot from the top, or near the top, of the face off circle. It is the kind of shot that we have seen players in the National Hockey League use to great success with probably the best example of this coming from Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin. Ovechkin was spotted running a drill during training camp in which he took shot after shot from that face off circle and it did not go unotcied.

Sportsnet's Gene Principe noted that McDavid is not generally a player that makes great use of his slap shot but has speculated that we could soon see a change in that regard. Specifically Principe suspects that this may be a weapon that McDavid is looking to utilize in an effort to improve the Oilers power play, or at least a way to provide the Oilers with an additional threat on the power play. Again this is something that we often see from the aforementioned Ovechkin, and given that he is among the greatest goal scorers in NHL history it seems perfectly natural to try and emulate what he does so well. 

McDavid was not just working on his slap shot however and also dazzled those tuning in, via video feed of course, with some pretty impressive displays. McDavid had one goal in particular during a little scrimmage that drew the approval of his teammates. The play started after a turnover in the neutral zone, a puck that was eventually fed to McDavid at center ice, and it was there that McDavid turned on the jets to beat the defender and bury the puck in the back of the net. 

The craziest part about this is just how effortless he made it all look.