McKenzie asked what Stamkos #1 choice would be, gives a shocking answer.

This was a total surprise and it makes perfect sense.

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First some context, this was during a segment of TSN's Quiz show, and often the guests will try to give answers that aren't the most obvious ones, so don't take this as some proclamation that Steven Stamkos is leaving Tampa tomorrow.

With that said TSN hockey insider Bob McKenzie gave a truly surprising answer when asked what he feels could be Stamkos' #1 choice of destination where he to leave Tampa, and that answer was the Buffalo Sabres. Not only was that his answer but McKenzie made a very convincing argument, one that's not likely to make fans in Toronto very happy.

In Buffalo Stamkos would be close to home much like he would be if he signed with Toronto, however in Buffalo he would be under far less scrutiny than he would be in Toronto, and the pressures of the Toronto media would also be out of the equation. Furthermore Buffalo has already had a number of high draft picks and they are far closer to being a winning team than the Maple Leafs are at the moment. The Sabres with Ryan O'Reilly, Jack Ecihel, and Stamkos all capable of playing center would be one of of the deepest teams up the middle in all of the NHL. If Stamkos agreed to play the wing in Buffalo their top two lines could be incredible.

Imagine something like this:

Stamkos - O'Reilly - Reinhart

Kane - Eichel - Ennis

It would certainly make for s shocking turn of events.