McKenzie: Evander Kane trade “could happen relatively soon.”

More big time trade rumors surrounding Evander Kane.

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There are very credible rumors of a huge trade on the horizon and the fans of the team about to acquire the best player in the deal may not be very happy about it.

According to comments made by one of the best insiders in hockey, TSN's Bob McKenzie, the connection between Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane and a trade to the Vancouver Canucks is a very real one, one that he says he will be monitoring closely. The big reveal from McKenzie however was his statement regarding the time frame of the deal.

"There's a connection to the Canucks. We'll follow closely because it could happen relatively soon."

Kane has not played well this season, so what is prompting this sense of urgency from Vancouver is entirely unknown to us and really has to raise questions once again about Jim Benning's management of that club. The rumors have suggested that the Sabres were looking for Olli Juolevi or Brock Boser in return, a move that if completed would spark outrage among the Canucks fan base.

This is definitely something worth paying attention to.