McLeod scores a TKO victory over Hendricks with three HUGE rights

One, two, three… lights out for Matt Hendricks.

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Nashville Predators enforcer Cody McLeod set the tone early last night in the team’s tilt against the Winnipeg Jets. McLeod and Jets forward Matt Hendricks got tangled up near center ice just two and a half minutes into the game when the decided to drop the gloves. 

McLeod lands three quick rights in succession, all while skating backward, to knock Hendricks down and out. Honestly, the officials get in there earlier than we would have liked, but at least on the replay you can see McLeod land some solid shots.

Check it out:

One, two, three… lights out for Hendricks. Truthfully, he never even had a chance. McLeod just throws punches until his opponent is down and out. He’s an old school fighter and we love it.