McPhee's Golden Knights issue passive-aggressive statement following trade freeze.

Shot fired!

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Today was the last day for GMs to trade some assets and gain valuable arguments for the upcoming expansion draft. As you probably know already, the expansion process ask for the Golden Knights to pick one player on each roster to build their own. The protection process has been covered in all angles possible, so you most likely know all about it by now.

Following today's trade freeze, the Golden Knight issued that passive-aggressive statement. 

It's almost like McPhee was firing one last warning shot for all GMs to read. ''Hey, it would be a shame for you to lose these players, why not give us what we want so it doesn't happen?''. Of course, no one will blame the Vegas GM for issuing such statement, as the NHL gave him all the tools to take advantage of the expansion process. 

It will most certainly be an exciting few days before the expansion draft!