Media war explodes between Oilers and Coyotes following Monday’s game!

​When reporters are at one another’s throats!

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The Arizona Coyotes managed to win 3-2 in overtime against the Edmonton Oilers on Monday and we are still hearing about that result. Why? Because the two teams weren’t just battling on the ice: reporters from each club were also entering a battle that night that has spilled into Tuesday’s coverage. 

After the Oilers fell to the Coyotes, team insider for Sportsnet Mark Spector called Arizona too boring, adding to the comments made by defenseman Oskar Klefbom. 

“It is a bit boring,” said Klefbom, per Sportsnet, “but teams are going to do that to us. We come with a lot of speed, and we have some guys who like to carry the puck in and create some things off the rush.
“They’re a really boring team to play, but we’ve got to find a way to beat that.”

However, Coyotes insiders from Arizona Sports 98,7 had something to say about Spector’s comments and did so in a lengthy blog, calling out the reporter. 

Here are some of the lines from AZ’s responses and they are quite blunt - in your face comments: 

“We’re sorry that, as you correctly pointed out, the Coyotes are not only boring now, but they’ve been boring for years. Yes, a recent coach of theirs was Dave Tippett, who now coaches the team who you posit as the victim of allegedly-boring play. But I mean, so what?”
“As you note, Mark Spector, the Coyotes haven’t had a history of abundant playoff success. They should take after the Oilers, who have been to the playoffs twice in the last 15 seasons.”

They end with this: “Both the Oilers and the Coyotes have had good starts to the season, but only one has done so with any honor or integrity.”

And we wonder where the next blow will come from…