Michael Andlauer shows fans in Ottawa a new style of ownership.

Michael Andlauer shows fans in Ottawa a new style of ownership.

Michael Andlauer is rapidly winning fans over with a much friendlier approach than the previous owner.

Jonathan Larivee

The Ottawa Senators hosted their first home game of the season on Saturday afternoon and it was, for many members of the Sens loyal fan base, their first chance to get an up and close look at the organization's new owner, Michael Andlauer.

To suggest that this was a home run event for Michael Andlauer might actually be an understatement as the fans appeared thrilled to be in the presence of the team's new owner. The stark contrast between the reception Andlauer received on Saturday when compared to the vitriol that used to be directed at former owner Eugene Melnyk also cannot be understated.

To be fair Andlauer himself did a lot of the heavy lifting by interacting with the fans, showing his passion for both the sport of hockey and for the Senators franchise, and by generally just appearing to be very likeable and charismatic throughout the course of the game.

Things kicked off with an official passing of the torch to Andlauer, which resulted in a warm reception from fans.

During the course of the game Andlauer was engaging with fans, even stopping to take photos with them and quickly endearing himself to his new fan base.

Andlauer seemed to be having a great time, even pumping up the crowd alongside Senators superfan Cameron Hughes.

Winning the fans over seemed important to Andlauer and he even stuck around long after the game was over to take time to meet a long line of fans and snap photos with them.

Once again this is a stark contrast from the kind of relationship former Senators owner Eugene Melnyk had with the fan base, and that would appear to bode well for both Andlauer and the fans in Ottawa.