Michael McLeod faces backlash over controversial photo.
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Michael McLeod faces backlash over controversial photo.

Michael McLeod, who is currently charged with 2 counts of sexual assault, drew widespread criticism over the weekend.

Jonathan Larivee

New Jersey Devils forward Michael McLeod has been at the center of controversy for some time now due to his involvement in the sexual assault scandal surrounding Canada's 2018 World Junior Championship team, and he isn't exactly doing himself any favors.

Like all of the players involved in this case McLeod is not actively playing in the National Hockey League despite being under contract but, rather than laying low as the ugly process that is the sexual assault investigation unfolds, it would seem that McLeod is out living his best life.

The Devils forward kicked up quite the controversy over the weekend when his wife, Kayla McCannell, published a picture of McLeod basking in the sun by a pool. The post was quickly slammed with backlash which has resulted in the account being made private and post being deleted, but not before several internet users had already downloaded for posterity.

McLeod is of course considered innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law and therefore is free to do as he pleases, at least for the time being, but that did little to temper the backlash from furious users on social media who felt the photo was published in poor taste.

The fact that the caption "DND" was included on the photo, short for Do Not Disturb, also seems to have poured more gasoline onto the fire in the eyes of some.

Something tells me both McLeod and his wife will be refraining from publishing any more photos of this nature in the near future.