Michel Therrien sheds some light on John Scott's future in Montreal.

Could we see John Scott in a Canadiens jersey this season?

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This John Scott story doesn't seem like it's going away any time soon, and now it sounds like John Scott's NHL career might not be over either.

During a French language interview with TVA Sports, Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien shed some light on the enforcer's future as a Canadien, and although it was hardly a guarantee he would be playing this season, Therrien would not rule out the possibility. When asked if he thought Scott could provide a spark to his locker room Therrien's answer was simple.

"You never know," said the Habs head coach.

As for his feelings on Scott at the All-Star game and the event as a whole?

"First of all what a beautiful story, I thought it was fantastic, I thought it was extraordinary... it was an exciting match I think we finally found an exciting format that everyone appreciates."

At this point Montreal needs anything to jump start their line up, and bringing up John Scott could be a total failure, but the team can't get any worse at the moment.