Michkov's teammate: “This kid is a piece of s***.”
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Michkov's teammate: “This kid is a piece of s***.”

Yikes... the former NHLer does NOT hold back in his assessment of the Flyers' top pick.



I think it's fair to say that the Philadelphia Flyers made the most surprising move of the NHL Draft in drafting Russian prospect Matvei Michkov 7th overall.

There were reports that Michkov refused to meet with several teams and straight up told some GM's that he would never leave the KHL to sign with them. If that doesn't indicate an attitude problem, I don't know what to tell you.

There were further reports that Michkov had attitude problems and often clashed with his SKA Saint Petersburg teammates during this past season. 

In fact, former NHLer turned podcaster Ryan Whitney shared an anecdote that he heard from one of Mitchkov's teammates that gives some insight into the kid's character.

Check it out:

"I heard that. Listens to nothing... coaches, veterans trying to talk to him, just tells them, 'fuck off'. A guy he played with this year just said, 'this kid, as much as I'm trying to give him a shot is just a piece of shit.

- Ryan Whitney

Yikes... damning enough for you?

Looking at Michkov's teammates, the only former teammate of Whitney's that I can gather is Dmitri Jaskin. I can't credibly report that these are Jaskin's words, I'm merely fishing for the only connection I can find.

Source: Spittin Chiclets