Mike Babcock is done as NHL coach!
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Mike Babcock is done as NHL coach!

This is the end…



He was once the highest-paid head coach in the National Hockey League, but now, he is standing behind the bench of the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. Earlier in 2021, Babs agreed to take over as head coach of the Huskies replacing Dave Adolph, who retired in April after 28 years with the program.

After spending 18 years with the NHL, Babcock needs to readjust to teaching students, and according to NHL insider Chris Johnston, that’s a good thing since he has serious doubts that Babcock will ever return as a head coach behind an NHL’s bench.

Here is how Johnston explained it on the Chris Johnston’s show Live from Adam’s Basement with host Julian McKenzie, in the video you can watch here below (around the 5-minute mark). 

Johnston gets the sense that Babcock has not changed his views, despite the incidents he was at centre of both with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings. Many have questioned his tactics. Since being fired by the Toronto Maple Leafs in November 2019, some of his former players have accused Babcock of being verbally abusive and using intimidation.

In the segment, Johnston notes how Babcock never fully admits his wrongdoings in any of the tense player-coach situations he’s experienced which would make it hard for any NHL team, especially following the sex abuse scandal in Chicago and Joel Quenneville resigning in Florida in regards to his role (or lack thereof as a head coach needing to help his player).

“It does feel like Mike does not feel like he has anything to apologize for…

“If he’s not going to show that self-reflection, or if he’s not going to change his stances then maybe he cannot be written about this way,” Johnston said, adding that he does not think Babcock wants a second shot in the NHL.

“My sense of where he’s at, and knowing people he knows, Mike Babcock is done as a NHL coach.”

Babcock grew up in Saskatoon and played for the Huskies for one season in 1981-82. The decision to coach the team ultimately came down to spending more time with family and coaching alongside his son Michael, who is an assistant coach with the team.

But even after this deal in Saskatchewan, Johnston does not see him back behind an NHL bench.

So - is it really over for Babcock the NHL head coach?

Source: Chris Johnston podcast