Mike Milbury changes his tune after criticizing Bruins forward.

Milbury singing a new song.

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I know that veteran National Hockey League analyst Mike Milbury is not everyone's cup of tea. The controversial former National Hockey League general manager has always had somewhat of unique reputation as an analyst due to his track record of failure during his time as an NHL executive as well as his willingness to make controversial and often outlandish statements. That being said I actually think Milbury has done a pretty good job of toning it down in recent seasons but every once in a while he still ends up putting his foot in his mouth.

It appears that we have another example of Milbury perhaps going a little too far in his criticisms of a particular player and, unsurprisingly, this time it involves a player for the Boston Bruins. The player in question is Marcus Johansson, a player that the Bruins acquired just prior to the trade deadline to add some scoring depth to their line up, which may come as a surprise given the fact that Milbury has nothing but good things to say about Johansson these days. 

To be fair to Milbury here his criticism of Johansson came during the first round of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs when the Bruins had their hands full with the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was during that series that Milbury went in hard on Johansson, calling him a soft player and insinuating that a player of his ilk was not an appropriate fit for a team that has the reputation that the Bruins have. Milbury was hard on Johansson stating outright that the veteran forward was "marshmallow soft" and adding that he appeared both "disconnected" and "a disappointment" out on the ice for the Bruins.

Johansson has been big for the Bruins since those comments and when the Boston Globe reached out to Milbury to ask him about those very words he was singing a very different tune. According to the Globe Milbury refused to walk back his earlier comments, but did come about as close to making an apology as you are going to get from him I would imagine.

“He’s been a pleasant surprise,” Milbury said as per the Bostob Globe. “I didn’t know he had the compete level. He seems to have ratched it up at the right time.”

Looks like Johansson has made Milbury eat his shoe.