Mike Milbury drops F-bomb live during game broadcast!

Unbelievable! Even Doc can't believe it!


The Boston Bruins took the early lead during the first period of Game 7 against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday night, and while the contest started off with a bang and loads of intensity, it’s former Bruins Mike Milbury of NBC who got all of the attention. 

The former NHL defenseman is now an important member of the NBC broadcast team and is working tonight for the game between the Bruins and Leafs. 

Milbury made it quite clear during the broadcast who he is rooting for. As the Bruins iced the puck once again in the first period following their first goal of the game, Milbury was heard clearly dropping the F-bomb on live television. 

"F**k me," he is clearly heard on the microphone. 

While he attempted to whisper it, his comment was heard and it quickly went viral on social media: 

Good job, Mike. He wasn't heard swearing when John Tavares scored one goal for the Leafs at the start of the second period. There is some improvement.