Mike Smith reacts to his brutal blunder in Game 4 victory

Only Smith can react this way postgame…


The Edmonton Oilers were able to shake off the mistake and come out with the win.

Goalie Mike Smith watched as Rasmus Andersson sent a puck toward him from the Calgary Flames’ zone and found itself into the back of his net, tying the game at 3 in the third period. Social media erupted with fans mocking Smith, who could have ruined the outcome of the game, which the Oilers led 3-0 until the start of the start of the second period.

Luckily for Smith, his teammate Ryan Nugent-Hopkins stepped up for him, scoring a go-ahead goal late in Game 4 to lift the Oilers to a 5-3 victory over the Flames and a 3-1 series stranglehold.
After the game, Smith was asked about what happened and how he dealt with the mistake and this was his answer:

“I can laugh now. I don’t think there has been a time in my career where I lost a puck and had no idea where it went.”

On the play, Smith can be seen putting his arms up in the air, looking like he is blaming the rest of the team or even the heavens for messing up.

Now, the Oilers are just one win away from the Western conference finals. The Flames are 0-9 when they trail 3-1 in a series and will be hoping Smith gives up other bad goals during Game 5, which takes place Thursday night in Calgary.