Mike Sullivan gives a huge update on Sidney Crosby.

Update on Crosby from the Penguins head coach.

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We have some terrific news Penguins fans. 

On Monday Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan was able to provide an update on Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and the news was excellent. According to Sullivan Crosby was a full participant in Monday's practice with his teammates, presumably an indication that he has recovered from whatever has kept him sidelined. Although due to the National Hockey League's new policy on reports surrounding player health we never received an official reason for Crosby's absence, it has long been suspected that he tweaked something during a Penguins scrimmage that took place over the course of the previous weekend.

The fact that Crosby has been able to return to practice and participate in full is a good sign for the Penguins who are set to play in an exhibition game against bitter rivals the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday. Every team that will be participating in the tournament is only getting 1 exhibition game to warm up for the actual tournament, so although these games are technically meaningless they will no doubt be of huge importance to the teams involved in them. To this end you could even argue that Crosby being present on the ice will prove beneficial to a Flyers team that, like the Penguins, will be looking to get into game shape impossibly quickly during their first real game in months.

No confirmation yet on whether or not Crosby will be a participant in that game, but stay tuned for more details on that front.