Mike Sullivan trying to bring a big change to the Penguins.

Mike Sullivan trying to bring a big change to the Penguins.

The head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins is trying to make a drastic change to his lineup.

Jonathan Larivee

In a league as competitive as the National Hockey League, teams are always looking for new and different ways to gain any advantage that they can over their competition. Teams will look for creative ways to maximize their salary caps, try to recruit the best possible players to their roster, and even try to implement new coaching strategies out on the ice.

Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan is one of the longest tenured head coaches in the NHL and as a result he has seen just about everything there is to see from his players, but in spite of that Sullivan is trying to implement a major change to once again gain an edge over his opponents.

On Saturday, Sullivan spoke to the media and admitted that he had big plans when it came to his forward group, but added that it isn't always easy to get all of the players on board with such a big change. Sullivan revealed that, in his ideal world, all of his wingers would be capable of playing on their offside in an effort to counter some of the defensive strategies that opposing teams have implemented against them.

"I think all the wings should play their off sides," admitted a candid Sullivan. "The way defensemen pinch the walls and when you think about it... on a breakout you can come down to that puck on your forehand if you're playing the off side as opposed to your backhand, it makes that next play a lot easier in my mind."

Its a creative idea to be sure and one that could see a lot of success if it works out the way Sullivan has envisioned it in his mind's eye, however the head coach of the Penguins admitted that it can be a challenge to take players out of their comfort zone.

"We're trying to convince our guys to go to their off sides but not everybody likes that," admitted Sullivan. "We also try to put out players in their comfort zone so that we can set them up for success."

It will be interesting to see which wingers Sullivan deploys in this fashion this upcoming season, especially as we get deeper and deeper into the regular season.