Mikey Eyssimont gets dumped head first into the bench.

Mikey Eyssimont gets dumped head first into the bench.

The Detroit Red Wings briefly had an extra player on their bench after a big hit from Lucas Raymond.

Jonathan Larivee

Something tells this one is ending up on every highlight reel aired on Sunday morning.

Hockey fans who tuned in to Saturday night's game between the Detroit Red Wings and Tampa Bay Lightning have just been treated to a rather amusing moment, although it's probably considerably less amusing from the perspective of Lightning forward Michael Eyssimont.

That's because Eyssimont just took an unplanned trip the Red Wings bench courtesy of a big hit from Red Wings forward Lucas Raymond, one that sent Eyssimont into the bench in rather hilarious fashion. There was no funny business on this one as Raymond went shoulder to shoulder with Eyssimont, but the hit clearly caught the forward off guard.

The end result was Eyssimont tumbling over the Red Wings bench, head first, and disappearing before our very eyes. It proved to be a dangerous situation for the players on the Red Wings bench given that Eyssimont's skates were flailing through the air, but thankfully it appears as though no one, other than Eyssimont's ego perhaps, was hurt on the play.

Eyssimont didn't have an easy time getting off the bench either and appeared to get tripped up as he quickly tried to extricate himself from that situation.

Here is a look at the isolated replay in slow motion.

Here is a look at how it played out in real time.