Mikhail Grabovski slams former friend Andrei Kostitsyn after coaching him!

This feud will never end…

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There were best friends when they played together for the Montreal Canadiens, but then it all turned ugly when Mikhail Grabovski was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

When Andrei Kostitsyn faced off against his former friend at the Bell Centre on November 8, 2008, the Canadiens suffered a humiliating 6-3 loss against Toronto. At the end of the game, Grabovski did not hesitate to taunt Andrei and his brother Sergei, who ended up with 12 penalty minutes. 

"He's no longer my friend," said the youngest brother when talking about Grabovski. 

Well, they met again when Grabovski hung up the skates in the NHL last June, and became the assistant coach to the Minsk Dynamo. When the Kostitsyn brothers played. 

Sergei ended leaving the team at the same time, however, Andrei was captain of the club and had to deal with his former friend, now behind him on the bench. A few months later, Andrei left as well. 

Grabovski explained that it started off well, but then went on to slam his former player, friend and teammate in ruthless fashion. 

"It started off well," said Grabovski, about his relationship with Andrei. He's a good player and he’s fun to be around. Now, as a coach, I have a different perspective on him and why he didn't really succeed in the National Hockey League. Now I understand. He is a special and talented player, but he has weaknesses.
“As a coach, you’re trying to learn how to deal with this kind of player, but it didn’t really work. So he’s going to go with a new team now. “
Burn. Maybe the two Belarussians are still after each other’s throats…