Milan Lucic finally submits to social pressures

It was about time!

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We can all thank Instagram and its stories during this tough NHL shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic as we get to follow many players and see what they’re up to doing the pause. 

However, Calgary Flames Milan Lucic was not on it. Until Thursday. Lucic announced on Twitter that he finally submitted to the social pressures (likely as a result of having not much else to do), and it didn’t take him long to start filling up the feed.

We are pretty sure we are going to get great content from the veteran enforcer, who promises to use the platform to have fun. 

He kicked things off with a picture of himself as a Boston Bruin champion back from 2011. 

Next up was a beautiful family photo with his wife and three children, before quickly adding a video of his adorable son Milan Jr. walking with a huge bucket of popcorn.

He kept fans entertained with one last picture, one of himself as a young kid and you can already tell from the photo that he was going to be a pest in the NHL. 

We love what Lucic has been up to and we can’t wait to see more on his new Instagram account.