Minor hockey coach sued for threatening and “physically battering” child during a practice

Minor hockey coach sued for threatening and “physically battering” child during a practice

Parents are suing the head coach. All the details here:



TSN’s Rick Westhead has come out with another disturbing story from minor hockey. On Wednesday, the reporter posted a story in which he reveals that a “minor hockey coach in the London area is being sued for $2 million by parents who allege the coach threatened and “physically battered” their child during a practice.”

This is how Westhead published the report, adding the official logo of the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice to his post:

“Days after the child’s father filed a misconduct complaint against the coach with his child’s hockey organization on Oct.15, the father alleges the coach assaulted him in a dressing room. In front of others, the coach allegedly accused the father of being a public danger who had engaged “in obscene and/or despicable behaviour.”

The local hockey association, whose co-defendants include Hockey Canada, allegedly retained an investigator who was “incompetent, partial, unqualified and/or biased” and did not refer the case to police as it was obligated to do.

The family says consequences for reporting the alleged abuse included their child being demoted to a lower level of hockey, and being stigmatized as “weak” and a “problem player.”

“Players and parents who did not make complaints and/or supported [the coach] were rewarded,” the lawsuit says.
Statements of defence have not been filed in court and the allegations have not been proven.”

This is just awful to read, especially when we are left in the dark about the poor child and how they feel amidst this situation. While the allegations against the coach are disturbing, I would also want to make sure that the child isn’t being pushed by overzealous parents to play when he or she has no interest in the game, or wants to play ONLY TO HAVE FUN.

At it should at this level…

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