Mitch Marner drama impends Leafs’ ability to land top names in free agency

Mitch Marner drama impends Leafs’ ability to land top names in free agency

Uh oh…

Chris Gosselin

There is so much uncertainty in Toronto on what will happen with winger Mitch Marner that insider Elliotte Friedman reports that the situation is impending the team’s ability to sign top names in free agency this summer.

“It’s funny because one player told me that there are some players who have watched from outside what’s gone on with this whole Marner thing over the last month or two and they’re like ‘I want no part of that, like I don’t want anything to do with that.’

“It takes a special person [to play in Toronto]. But I think there were some players like ‘Nope, that’s not going to be me.’”

There is a persistent sense that Marner will honour the last year of his contract and play in Toronto in the 2024-25 season. At the same time, less than a week into free agency, general manager Brad Treliving managed to add some depth on the Leafs’ back end without having to move the star winger in a cost-cutting trade.

However, if a free agent was approached to consider the Maple Leafs as a landing spot, I completely understand how it could be discouraging to face constant media scrutiny along with the heavy chatter surrounding Marner.

A discussion will have to be made, whether that is trading, extending or announcing that Marner will be moving on as a free agent in 2025 in order to settle the drama in Toronto.

Not only for the fanbase, but also for other potential Maple Leafs players considering coming to Toronto.