Mitch Marner gifts signed stick to cancer surviving kid in Leafs warm-ups

A classy move from a classy player. Give this kid the “C” in Toronto.

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There’s no doubt that that Toronto Maple Leafs generate more than their fair share of media headlines. With the offseason signing of superstar John Tavares, all the drama that played out earlier this season with William Nylander, the constant contract talk regarding Auston Matthews and then the recent acquisition of Jake Muzzin, there’s one Leafs player who continually manages to evade the spotlight: Mitch Marner.

The 21 year old Markham, Ontario native is having an outstanding third season in the NHL and is on pace to absolutely shatter his career highs with 20 goals and 63 points through just 52 games this season. The former 3rd overall pick is one of the most likeable players in hockey and it’s not just because of what he does on the ice. Marner is beloved by his teammates, his team’s fans and the city of Toronto at large. Why? Because of acts like this:

During warmups of last night’s game against the Anaheim Ducks Marner spotted a young boy in the crowd with a “MITCH… I BEAT CANCER!” sign… so what does he do? He personally signs a stick for the kid and makes sure then delivers it to him in the front row…

Check it out:

How classy is that? Give this kid the “C” already, he represents everything that the Leafs organization is meant to stand for and I don’t think you’ll find any teammates who would disagree.