Mitch Marner is pissed off in conflicting postgame interview

His statement after last night’s loss to Edmonton:



Another game, another blown lead for the Toronto Maple Leafs. After getting a 2-0 lead over the Oilers in Edmonton, the hosts rallied and got their franchise-record 11th consecutive victory, defeating the Leafs 4-2. Toronto lost four consecutive games in which they held a lead.

After the game, forward Mitch Marner, who collected an assist in the loss, was clearly ticked off when asked about his team’s levels of frustration with leads getting away in crucial games.

“Obviously pissed off about it, but like I said, I mean all these games, we’ve been playing really good hockey you know. We’ve just given them back. We’ve had a lot of chances to extend leads in games and haven’t done a good job at that. And, you know, I thought, you know, we played pretty good defensively again tonight but, you know just a little slip up here and there and they’ve got a lot of skill like to make things happen.”

Marner clearly voiced his frustration, but then, in the same interview however, contradicts himself with the statement that the Maple Leafs aren’t frustrated.

“Stuff goes your way. Sometimes stuff doesn’t. So, for us, we just can’t get frustrated at each other. We know we’re doing the right things. It’s going to come, so stay patient with it. Don’t let anything outside of us frustrate us or get us angry. Like, just gotta do what we do.”

He then added about frustration seeping into the Maple Leafs’ dressing room: “No. But I think a lot of people on the outside are trying to do that. So, it’s how it goes. For us, we know we’re doing right things. Again tonight, we did a lot of right things, a lot of good things. That’s why it sucks when it slips away like this.”

Come on man, it is alarming that you’re not frustrated! I’d rather have a pissed off Marner, than one that still believes good hockey is going to hold on to leads. We’ve seen that’s not working…

What Marner says holds some truth: Toronto has been playing some good hockey lately. However good ain’t good enough.

Maybe some frustration would ensure a lead holds next game when the Maple Leafs visit the Flames in Calgary on Thursday night.

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