Mitch Marner makes Sidney Crosby blow a gasket 40 seconds into the game!

Crosby is NOT happy.

Jonathan Larivee

The captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins is not happy, not at all.

Sidney Crosby and his Penguins welcomed the Toronto Maple Leafs to PPG Paints Arena on Saturday night and things went bad quickly for the Penguins when, just 40 seconds into the game, a blown coverage that stemmed from a questionable line change would lead to a Maple Leafs goal and an early lead.

It was Maple Leafs star forwards Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner who would combine for the early goal, with Matthews feeding a waiting Mitch Marner who was sitting at the Penguins blue line anticipating the pass from his linemate. From there Marner would turn on the jets and, quite frankly, made Penguins backup goaltender Casey DeSmith look a little silly with a beautiful move to find the back of the net.

Although we can't possibly known what Crosby was thinking of the breakdown from the Penguins, it was very obvious that he wasn't at all happy about the situation. The Penguins captain gave the boards a piece of his mind as he appeared to lay into them with considerable fury after the goal from Marner.