Mitch Marner willing to jump into Matthews / Nylander contract negotiations  

Mitch Marner willing to jump into Matthews / Nylander contract negotiations

GM Brad Treliving might need the extra help!



The Toronto Maple Leafs are working overtime to keep the Core Four of Auston Matthews, William Nylander, John Tavares and Mitch Marner intact for the 2023-24 season.

When free agency opened on July 1st, it also marked the start of , Marner, Tavares and Matthews’ full no-move protection. GM Brad Treliving is working on contract extensions for both Matthews and Nylander, hoping to get it done before the start of training camp in September.

Everyone is on edge, and Marner can feel it. That’s why he offered, at at the annual Marner Assist Foundation, to help out with the contract negotiations if he can.

“I know both of them have a lot of joy and love for this team and want to be here,” Marner said of his teammates, per Sportsnet, “We’ll see. If need be, I’m going to try and get involved and help on both sides."

For now, Marner and captain Tavares, who also attended the foundation’s gala on Thursday, are keeping in touch, as usual, with Matthews and Nylander, who are set to enter the final years of their contracts. It’s well know that both stars are looking for significant raises that will shape the Maple Leafs’ cap flexibility next summer. But Marner and Tavares don’t want to pester or overwhelm their teammates with the pressing matter of a new deal.

“It’s more about other things like trying to get them down here for a wedding,” Marner said. “That’s been more of it than talking (contract). They’ve got a lot of people trying to talk to them about that stuff.”

“We all have a good grasp of why it’s special to play here. And we all want to be here and want to win here,” said Tavares. “There’s the business side of it, too. And sometimes that process has to play out a little bit and takes time. It’s not always just things get done simple, quick, one day type of negotiation. It’s a process. And I even learned that, whether it was my extension in Long Island or when I went through free agency.

“It’s not always the smoothest process. But at the same time, the guys want to be here and love it here and want to continue on with the group that we have. So, just hope everything works out. We support them and have their back, and we love having them here. Great teammates, great people.”

For Marner, the important thing is to be a good friend and will only help Matthews and Nylander with that in mind: “[A]t the same time, they’re my buddies before you know teammates, and I’m going to look at them as that.”

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Source: Sportsnet