Mitch Marner writes a personal message to young Leafs fans stuck at home

A classy message from the young Leafs’ star.

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No doubt about it, it’s a difficult time for hockey fans right now. With no hockey on the schedule in the foreseeable future and with uncertainty that a Stanley Cup champion will be crowned in 2020, it’s indeed dark times to be a sports fan. It’s even tougher for kids who have hockey as their one outlet in life.

The fact is there are millions of young hockey fans out there who struggle to get through every day with or without their favourite sport. For those kids, times are doubly tough. 

With that in mind, Toronto Maple Leafs start Mitch Marner personally reached out to those kids and offered up some encouragement.

Check it out:

A classy message from a classy player. No scratch that, an IMPORTANT message from a classy player. Well done, Mitchy.