Mixed messages on Letang lead to chaos on the trade market!

The madness needs to stop, now!

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We are trying - just as much as die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins fans - to make sense of the recent trade rumors concerning star defenseman Kris Letang

A few days ago, it was revealed by many sources that Pens general manager Jim Rutherford was making Letang available for interested teams to pursue via the trade market, and while the defender has a limited no-trade clause allowing him to choose 18 destinations, no one knew if a list has been asked by the GM. 

Then, reports came out that the Canadiens would have a shot with Letang, who is from Montreal, and rumors have intensified ever since. 

However, Rutherford has always maintained that he is not shopping his core players, but many wonder if the team's recent struggles have changed his mind.

On top of all that surprising info, Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on Friday that a “team source” took issue with recent reports claiming Letang was being actively shopped by the Penguins, denying the 30-year-old was on the trade block.

Letang, who is currently on injured reserve with a lower-body injury, has been a valuable part of the Pens' roster for several seasons now, and it would be quite shocking to see him land with another team at the trade deadline. 

While the Pens might be looking at his value on the market, his long history of injuries could dampen interest in his services and the Penguins might want to focus their effort elsewhere to land help up front to push for a playoff spot. 

One thing is certain, some Pens fans, management and media members are not happy with the contradicting reports and this have created chaos on the trade market, just weeks before the deadline...