Montreal Canadiens released statement on recent civil unrest.

Habs official statement.

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There has been a ton of civil unrest in North America over the past several days and this has resulted in hundreds of protests across the continent, many of which have unfortunately devolved into riots that have only resulted in innocent people being hurt. Over the weekend players in the National Hockey League began to share their thoughts on recent events and slowly but surely their respective NHL franchises began to follow suite.

The latest team to issue such a statement is the Montreal Canadiens organization who published a bilingual statement through their official accounts earlier this morning. Here's what the Habs had to say:

The Montreal Canadiens would like to express our support for the peaceful protests that have taken place following the death of George Floyd. Like everyone, we were horrified by the images of this heinous and despicable crime. Violence and racism need to stop, and as an organization we have always been committed to doing our part to share our fundamental values of inclusion and respect. We will continue being a part of this fight.

I love that the Habs have clearly chosen to support only the peaceful protests, as I mentioned the violence that has resulted from some of these protests has only served to harm more innocent people. You can see the statement in its original form just below.