Montreal reporter reveals shocking theory on Price's injury.

Montreal is turning into a sh*t show.

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A reporter from the Montreal Gazette has revealed some details about the injury to Carey Price that is likely to enrage fans in Montreal.

First and foremost The Gazette's Jack Todd is reporting something that will come as less of a surprise, he spoke to a medical professional who's name he did not divulge to get his opinion the the Price injury. According to Todd if the injury is indeed a Class 3 MCL tear it should have healed long ago, leading one to believe that the Canadiens have lied about the severity of the injury. Again given how long Price has been out in comparison to his projected recovery time that's no surprise.

However here's the real kicker, according to Todd there are rumors Price may not have suffered the worst of the injury during his time on the ice, but rather while shooting some commercials for Under Armor, although he was quick to label this a theory, as he does not have any hard evidence to support the claim. Nonetheless Jack Todd is not the type of reporter to make such a claim when it's totally unfounded.