Monumental stipulation in Vegas’ latest trade indicates it’s going all-in for Guentzel

Monumental stipulation in Vegas’ latest trade indicates it’s going all-in for Guentzel

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The Vegas Golden Knights are making things happen and it could all culminate in a blockbuster trade for Pittsburgh Penguins star winger Jake Guentzel.

The forward has been linked to Vegas, but also to the the Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers and New York Rangers. However, after pulling off an impressive trade to acquire Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin, the Golden Knights are in great position to be the ones to pry Guentzel out of Pittsburgh.

That’s because in the trade for Hanifin, in which the Philadelphia Flyers acting as a third-party broker in a double salary retention, Hanifin lands in Vegas at 25% cap hit of $1,237,500, the Golden Knights added an important stipulation to the return. They are sending back to Calgary defenseman Daniil Miromanov, a first-round pick and a conditional third-round pick.

But the condition on the first round pick is right now, it is the 2025 first rounder UNLESS Vegas trades it this deadline, then 2026.

Meaning their 2025 first-round pick is still in play at this year’s deadline!

Also, with getting Hanifin at 25% cap hit of $1,237,500, that means that the Golden Knights are left with roughly $3 million in usable cap space with less than two days to go prior to the deadline.

And if the maths can tie this all up, Guentzel’s cap hit with 50% retained is….. $3 million.

The Penguins are believed to be adamant about a return including a first-round pick, a young NHL player and prospects. Guentzel has been out of action for weeks, but could return very soon, and it sounds like it won't be in a Penguins' uniform...

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