More details on last night's crazy post-game brawl.

Details starting to come out about what caused the post-game brawl.

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More details are starting to emerge in regards to the post game brawl that occurred between the Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks on Monday night.

As was originally reported following the event, it appears that the Sedin twins, Henrik and Daniel, played a significant role in what ignited the brawl, and according to them inflammatory remarks.

"It’s one guy, that’s it,” Henrik said as per Sportsnet. “It was inappropriate and it’s something we hear a lot of. Somewhere, you need to draw a line. There’s a line. It’s something one guy will have to man up to.

Obviously all the witnesses to what was actually said are going to be extremely bias in this case, but by the sounds of it it was a comment along the lines of "Sedin sisters" and hardly seems like something that would justify starting a post game brawl. Florida's Roberto Luongo, a former Canuck himself, was fairly critical of the response from the Canucks.

"One of their guys [Dorsett] came over to our bench and tried to punch one of our guys," the goalie said. "You have 60 minutes to fight anybody on our team that's willing and able, but he wants to do it after the game."

For those of you who missed the brawl you can see the video below.