More disturbing details emerge in double-murder of 2 former college hockey stars

More disturbing details emerge in double-murder of 2 former college hockey stars

Just tragic.



The hockey world was left in mourning and shock earlier this week when it was reported that two former college hockey players, Sidney Capolino, 23, from Pawling, New York, and Meghan Moore, 25, from Centerville, Massachusetts, were both killed in a double murder. The perpetrator, described as an “obsessive stalker” of Moore’s, then took his own life.
Close friends and relatives of the victims spoke with NBC6 to reveal more details about the tragic event, and who the perpetrator was.

The man who shot both Capolino and Moore is 40-year-old Luis Napoles, who at first authorities believes what Moore’s boyfriend. However, her loved ones are adamant they were not involved and that he was stalking her.
Caroline Spalt, a friend of the victim, said Napoles was an acquaintance of Moore’s who’d met her at her previous job.

“They were not boyfriend and girlfriend. I know the, you know, a ton of articles are saying that, that’s in the headlines,” Spalt told NBC. “That’s completely false. And, you know, I am 1,000 percent sure. I think I know, I talk to her every day.”

She added: “You know he quickly became obsessive and he tried to insert himself into her life and she would keep her distance and he would continue to harass her,” Spalt said. “He would call her on made up numbers, not just 10 times, but hundreds of times.”

Both women had moved down to South Florida after being friends and teammates at New England College.

While police investigates the claims that Napoles was stalking Moore, mother said both families are making the necessary arrangements to bring their daughters back home.

This is a terrible story, and I can only keep these families in my thoughts and prayers.

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Source: NBC6