More legal trouble for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Another headache for the Blackhawks.

More legal trouble for the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Blackhawks have had some bad luck this season with off the ice distractions, at times through no fault of their own, and according to a report from TMZ Sports the Blackhawks now have to deal with another headache.

According to the report John Cooke, a Blackhawks fan, is suing the team after they failed to remove a heavily intoxicated member of the crowd despite several complaints, eventually leading to an injury in a ridiculous scenario.

More from TMZ Sports:

The fan says people complained about the drunkard to security and arena staff -- but no one did anything.

Problem is ... when the Blackhawks scored a goal in the 1st period, the drunk fan lost his balance and fell down 2 rows, allegedly crushing Cooke in the process.

It's unclear how much money Cooke is looking for, and although fans are warned of the risks they take when attending a game, Cooke's case of a drunkard falling on him from two rows up has to be considered out of the norm.