More opportunities at Playboy for Oilers’ flashing fan Kait

The NHL season is over, but Kait Flynn keeps scoring opportunities!

Chris Gosselin

Last month as the Edmonton Oilers were still fighting for the Stanley Cup against the eventual champions Florida Panthers, viral fan Kait Flynn, who flashed the Oilers’ arena after the home team’s Game 6 win over the Dallas Stars in the Western conference final, had announced that she accepted an offer for Playboy Magazine.

Some of the pictures of her photoshoot came out and were trending all throughout the remainder of the playoffs with the Playboy crew thrilled to have added the beautiful woman to their roster.

While Kait had first admitted to the Spittin Chiclet podcast that she had attempted to delete all her social media accounts in order to keep her identity a secret and even reported the video and “got it removed” from X, we all know the clip later resurfaced and “came back with a vengeance”, but also landed her this opportunity with Playboy.

And more have come as over the weekend, Kait posted that she was going live on Playboy channel on all social media platforms and there is a sense from that broadcast that she will get to do some more with the magazine and all of its media ventures.

Kait Flynn was not the good luck charm of the Oilers, who lost in seven games by just one goal to the Panthers in Florida on Monday June 24th. However, she has certainly became a star and Playboy knows it. You can follow Kait on her Instagram account where she always makes sure to connect her fanbase to her new steamy pictures and links to her live broadcast with Playboy.

Source: Instagram