More proof that hockey culture in Canada is slowly dying out
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More proof that hockey culture in Canada is slowly dying out

An absolute disgrace...



Hockey NL, the governing body of minor and amateur hockey in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, has officially banned the post-game handshake ritual.

Gonzo Bennett (real name, no joke), chair of Hockey NL's minor council executive committee announced today that the association has seen "issues" with regards to post-game handshakes and so is calling for an outright ban at all youth, amateur and semi-pro levels.

"We have had some issues with handshakes following games that have led to suspensions for players and coaches," Bennett wrote in a memo on the association's website.

Instead, referees will direct teams to their dressing rooms at the conclusion of each game. Before the game begins, visiting captains are welcome to approach their opponents captain to wish them a good game.

The move stems largely from an incident that occurred last month in Nova Scotia.

More from CTV News:

The move comes as coach, parent and player conduct in amateur hockey is under increasing scrutiny. Last month, RCMP in Nova Scotia charged a coach for allegedly assaulting a referee during a game involving nine- and 10-year-old players. And amateur hockey associations across Canada have elected to put green armbands on teenage referees so parents and coaches think twice before hurling abuse at them.

In April, Kirsty Duncan, the Liberal member of Parliament for Etobicoke North and Canada's former sports minister, called on the federal government to launch a national inquiry into sports culture. Her call echoed those of several former and current Canadian athletes, including soccer players Ciara McCormack and Andrea Neil, and Olympic boxer Myriam Da Silva Rondeau.

- CTV News

Personally... I feel like this is just a ton of nonsense.

Have there been incidents in handshake lines? Certainly.

But, last I checked there are incidents during the actual game too. Are we going to ban games as well?

Just absolute nonsense.

Shaking hands after a hard fought game is one of the things that separates hockey culture from others sports culture. You go at it for as hard as you can and then, win or lose, you show your opponent some hard earned respect. It's the very heart of hockey culture and I wouldn't be surprised if Newfoundlanders all over the Rock just decide to ignore this silly rule from the big wigs up top.

Source: CTV News