More shocking details emerge in Milan Lucic's arrest

This absolutely could spell the end of his tenure in the NHL.



By now, you've likely seen the news that Boston Bruins veteran forward Milan Lucic was arrested following a domestic incident over the weekend. 

Newly disclosed information from the authorities reveals that Lucic was under the impression that his cell phone had gone missing. Allegedly, he suspected his wife of hiding it, leading to a heated confrontation during which Lucic, in his agitation, demanded to know the phone's location while attempting to choke her. 

According to The Boston Globe

Operations relayed to the responding officers that the reporting party/victim called and stated that her husband attempted to choke her,’' police wrote. “The victim stated that her husband could not locate his cellphone after returning to their apartment after a night out. She stated that the suspect began yelling at her, demanding his phone back, believing she had hidden the phone. She stated that she did not have the phone or know where it was.”

“She stated that she attempted to walk away from her husband and stated that her husband grabbed her by the hair and pulled her backwards,’' police wrote. “She stated that in doing so, the suspect stated to her that she was not going anywhere.”

Police wrote that an officer “observed redness on the victim’s chest area and asked the victim if the suspect attempted to strangle her during the incident. She stated he did not,” police wrote. “She also stated that the suspect was consuming alcohol.”

“He appeared intoxicated when he answered the door,’' police wrote. “He stated to officers nothing happened and did not provide an explanation.”

The Bruins are well aware of the incident, and have offered the following reaction courtesy of team captain Brad Marchand:

“We’re obviously aware of what happened (Friday) night with Looch. The biggest thing for us is we care a lot about their family. We’re a family in here,” said Marchand. “We’re all very, very close. We’re also very concerned for them and what they’re going through. But we have a lot of support for Brittany (Lucic’s wife) and the kids and for Looch himself.”

“With things like this, we’re all people,” Marchand said. “They obviously have an effect on you. But the biggest thing we can do is come in and do our job. We have to come in and just focus on the game.”

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