More teams will lose clients/fans after political protest from players

After the Dallas Stars, more teams are expected get the same treatment…

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Most fans were surprised last week when protests were made by multiple sports league’s following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the National Hockey League’s decision to postpone games in order to stand together for human rights. 

However, we quickly saw how some fanbases are not interested in seeing their favourite club take a social and political stance: the CEO of the Dallas Stars even admitted that his team has been losing season ticket holders because of its support for the Black Lives Matter movement. 

On Friday night, the Stars postponed their scheduled game against the Colorado Avalanche. They moved it to Sunday in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests over the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake. This saw CEO Brad Albert confessed that the team has lost season ticket holders due to the players’ protests. 

“But we/I stand by our organization’s commitment and support our players 100% to express their views,” he told the Dallas Morning News , indicating that he doesn’t care about the fans his team has lost for being “woke.”

While Alberts is adamant about respecting and supporting his players in this movement, James Conrad of The Mix strongly believes that other teams will suffer the same treatment and have fans and clients step away from the club because of their their support for BLM.

“Believe it or not, fans have no interest in being lectured by overpaid “woke” young athletes about politics and social justice reforms. If this nonsense continues, more teams can expect to lose fans just as the Stars are,” we can read on their website. 

While we have no proof or statement from teams involved in the boycott of games in the NHL, we will have to keep an eye on the reactions of fans of the Vancouver Canucks, Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Islanders, Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning, who all protested games and support BLM. We wonder if the Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks could suffer from this as well seeing that Wild defenseman Matt Dumba became the first NHL player to kneel for a national anthem during the league’s restart. Oilers blue liner Darnell Nurse and Blackhawks goalie Malcolm Subban each put a hand on Dumba’s shoulder as he kneeled for signing of the American anthem. Nurse and Subban are Black and Dumba is half Filipino.

Now, we do not disagree that hockey is supposed to be an escape from politics and the other evils of the world, but maybe this is a way to get more people involved and ready to make a change for the better in this world? Today, everyone (even real idiots) have a voice on social media or why not let players used theirs when cameras are on? 

Why not keep supporting them while they choose to support something bigger than all of us?