Moritz Seider handles Filip Forsberg in first career fight.

Moritz Seider handles Filip Forsberg in first career fight.

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider drops the gloves for the first time in his NHL career.

Jonathan Larivee

The Detroit Red Wings are in a desperate battle for their playoff lives and they certainly weren't about to be pushed around on Saturday afternoon.

The Red Wings were in Nashville on Saturday taking on another team that is currently fighting hard to make the playoffs, the Nashville Predators, and it was a hard fought affair through the first half of the game. Although it remained scoreless there were plenty of battles after the whistle, battles that eventually boiled over into a full blown fight between two unlikely candidates.

Those candidates were Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider, who prior to today had never been in a fight in the National Hockey League, and Predators forward Filip Forsberg, who only has two career fights under his belt in the NHL.

It began with some pushing and shoving along the boards as both men faced off, and when it became clear that neither was willing to give ground or disengage the gloves finally came off. Although neither man did a tremendous amount of damage to the other in this exchange it was clear as the fight wore on that Seider was getting the better of his opponent. The Red Wings blue liner was the more aggressive of the two fighters, and by the end Forsberg was largely turtling up in an effort to avoid more punishment from Seider.