Multiple fan brawls Rogers Place after Oilers loss go viral

More insane fan behavior!



Sometimes, fans at sporting events make absolute fools of themselves for the entire world to see. Over the years, especially since the advent of social media and the constant presence of fans with cameras everywhere, some crazy confrontations have been filmed and have been making the rounds on social media. 

Such was the case on Saturday night at Rogers Place in Edmonton, as the Edmonton Oilers played host to the Tampa Bay Lightning and ultimately fell by a 7-4 final. But there were additional fireworks in the stands, as a crazy brawl between two hotheads would go viral. One Oilers fan donned in a Leon Draisaitl sweater was captured landing several good punches to a fan in the row of seats below him; the latter would eventually depart with a bloody lip.

And as if that weren't enough, more punches were thrown between another group of unruly individuals in the concourses.

It really is embarrassing that some adults choose to behave like animals, which really only ruins the experience for others who are simply out trying to have a good time. 

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Source: Twitter