Multiple 'pain points' could see Trevor Zegras traded.
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Multiple 'pain points' could see Trevor Zegras traded.

The Anaheim Ducks and Trevor Zegras have butted heads... perhaps too many times.

Jonathan Larivee

It has been a poorly kept secret that young National Hockey League forward Trevor Zegras has had a contentious relationship at times with his current team, the Anaheim Ducks, but have things gotten so contentious that both parties are now looking to move on?

From Zegras' perspective it isn't hard to see why he might be unhappy, even from the outside looking in. Zegras was involved in a contentious contract negotiation, saw his best friend traded off the team, and even had an off-ice dispute with his team all in a very short window of time relatively speaking.

"There's been a lot of pain points for Trevor Zegras so far on his end," admitted NHL insider Frank Seravalli.

Seravalli also laid out the specific issues Zegras has had with the Ducks.

"He was injured last year, he was ground down on the RFA negotiations, his best friend was traded, he was one of the players pressured to work out in Florida under team control which ultimately earned the Ducks a $50,000 fine," said Seravalli.

That is a very long list of reasons for a player to be disgruntled with his team and there's no chance all of that has done any favors for the relationship between Zegras and the Ducks. By the sound of things though, the Ducks aren't exactly thrilled with Zegras and his development as a player in the National Hockey League up until this point.

"We've heard Pat Verbeek I think has real, he's not going to say it publicly, I think internally the talk has been that they have real reservations as to whether or not he can add additional dimensions to his game."

Seravalli believes that, due to the Ducks' wealth of young prospects, there isn't a need for them to try and force things with Zegras.

"When you have a bunch of young burgeoning prospects the need to try and force a square peg into a round hole, if that's how you view him, isn't really there," said Seravalli.

One has to wonder what this means for Zegras' future as an Anaheim Duck, both in the short and long term.