Multiple reporters link Carey Price to a potential trade.

Is it time to move on from Montreal?

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There is more and more talk of a potential trade involving Montreal Canadiens superstar goaltender Carey Price and with so many voices chiming in and wondering aloud about Price's future in Montreal, you have to wonder if there might be something to this. 

Last week we reported on a crazy trade proposal that came from Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post, a trade proposal that would see Carey Price moving from Montreal and joining the Colorado Avalanche much in the way legendary National Hockey League goaltender Patrick Roy did all those years ago. To be clear Kiszla was not suggesting that the Avalanche and the Habs were having discussion on the topic, but instead was inquiring about whether or not such a move should be on the radar for Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic.

From Kiszla:

By nature, Sakic tends to keep a steady hand, rather than making sweeping moves with the back of his hand. Would it be OK, however, to suggest Trader Joe at least give Montreal a phone call and inquire about the asking price for goaltender Carey Price?

Now however Kiszla is no longer alone with his prediction, and in fact two more veteran reporters gave also chimed in with some hot takes of their own regarding where Price could, and should, end up. In a recent article for the New York Post, Rangers insider Larry Brooks openly wondered if the Carolina Hurricanes might not take a stab at acquiring Price for some additional help in the playoffs.

From Brooks:

Probably not and almost certainly not, but would it be worthwhile for my Candy Canes to investigate adding either Henrik Lundqvist or Carey Price to the mix in Raleigh? Honestly, I cannot conceive of Lundqvist making a midseason move anywhere (or of it going well even if he would be willing to uproot his life) and Price has the same no-move clause as does The King. But is Carolina really going to be able to win 16 playoff games with the Petr Mrazek-James Reimer duo in nets?

At the time of his report Kislza had hinted at the fact that Price was no longer happy as a member of the Canadiens organization:

The relationship between Carey Price, a rare goalie who can proudly display a Vezina, a Hart and an Olympic gold medal in his trophy case, and the Canadiens has soured.

Well that has now also been corroborated by Michel Bergeron in a recent French language article for the Journal de Montreal. Bergeron reports that Price is frustrated in his current situation and added that Price could even consider waiving his no-trade clause for a few teams should it come down to it.